Finding Faith

What do you get up for in the morning? What are you looking for in life? How will you handle the really tough times?

Hard questions don't have easy answers, but they do have an Answer. That answer is ultimately found in the God who created the universe and loves you unconditionally. How do you find that God? This is the Good News: God has come looking for you! God has reached out to you! Saying "Yes" to God begins with your desire to respond to God's gracious gift of Jesus Christ. Discover for yourself life the way it was meant to be.

God knows that life can be tough. Bad things happen to good people. Seemingly good things happen to people who don't seem to deserve it. Loneliness, emptiness and cynicism can take over as a person faces difficulty in living.

At Conway's First Baptist, we don't claim to know everything. We are as fallible as the next human being. What we do believe is that we have been found by God as revealed in Jesus, and that has made all the difference in the world.

We welcome the opportunity to share the compassion and grace of Christ with others. If you are searching for peace and a reason for living, we encourage you to reach out and ask.
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