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The church’s philosophy is built on the theological tenet that GOD IS LOVE; and its philosophy for the weekday religious education is that individuals are best prepared to discover this basic truth for themselves if they experience loving care in their early years. We believe that Christian teachers can teach God’s kind of love by modeling their own attitudes, activities, behavior, and methods on those of Jesus.

Recognizing that Christ’s love embraces all, Lovell Weekday Ministry welcomes children of all races and creeds.



The purpose of the church weekday education program of First Baptist Church of Conway is synonymous with the purpose of the church, namely to minister. That purpose determines our goals.


aximum stewardship of the church’s physical resources goal:
To use our suitable church facilities for the religious education of preschool children during the week: as well as on Sunday.


nvolvement with parents and families goal:
To be partners with parents by offering caring assistance and shared concerns in their heavy parental responsibilities.


eeds being met goal:
To meet the needs of children and parent of any race or creed.


nvolvement of church members in the program goal:
To involve church members who are willing to volunteer their time and their energies in the mission of weekday education of children and parents.


piritual development of children goal:
To offer a program which differs from other quality preschool programs in its spiritual emphasis; incorporating the daily curriculum basic truths about God, Jesus, the Bible, the church, and the created world.


eaching the whole child goal:
To recognize, respect, and develop the individuality and potential of each child.


eaching out to the community goal:
To reach out to people outside our membership with Christ like concern and caring.


oking ourselves with Jesus' goal:
To obey the command of Jesus, “Let the little children come unto me.”

603 Elm Street                 Conway, SC 29526                 Phone: 843-248-6485