The Baptist Faith and Message (1963) provides a good summary of what we believe.

You can read the BFM 1963 here.

As Baptist Christians, we also hold to certain distinctives that have been true about the majority of Baptists in all times and places. These distinctives are:

B. Believer’s Baptism
Because we believe that becoming a Christian is a conscious decision, we baptize only those who have made that decision.

A. Authority of Scripture
All authority in matters of faith and practice comes directly from the Bible. Baptists have no creeds. We have only confessions of faith.

P. Priesthood of All Believers 
One stands directly before God with no intermediary save Jesus Christ, the great high priest. It also means that we "priest" (minister to) one another.

T. Total Religious Freedom 
No agency or government may dictate to anyone what must be believed or practiced in one’s religion.

I. Independence of Local Churches 
The center of life for Baptists is the local congregation. Conventions and Associations exist at the pleasure of the churches.

S. Symbolic Ordinances
Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are outward and visible signs of inward and invisible grace. Symbols are, nonetheless, powerful and never to be thought of as mere symbols.

T. Total Lordship of Jesus Christ 
The profession of the earliest Christians was “Jesus is Lord.” Jesus is what J.B. Phillips called “God in Focus.” We look to Jesus to know God.

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